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About Us

Global Educational Studies Review (GESR)

"Education, Development and Humanity"

Global Educational Studies Review (GESR) was conceived by Humanity Only (HO) as a research project under the umbrella of Human Research Council (HRC) - a sub-body of Humanity Development Society (HDS). GESR promotes the best in research practices in the field of education that ultimately help students, teachers, community and the policymakers to identify and overcomes the problems of teaching and learning process. Moreover, it provides guidelines to government, policymakers, curriculum developers, textbooks compilers, and administrators in planning as per the current needs in the era of technology and knowledge-based economy. GESR is a quarterly double-blind peer-reviewed journal covering all areas of the teaching and learning process i.e. educational psychology, lesson planning, classroom management, teaching methodologies, assessment, and evaluation. Further details are available at www.gesrjournal.com


Mission & Vision

GESR aims to be at the forefront in the innovation and development of education sector worldwide by providing research-oriented guidelines to all stakeholders for bringing changes to improve teaching and learning. It intends to become the global leader to change the ways of teaching and learning with the support of the findings of the educational research it publishes. Further, it aims to ensure the instrumental use of education in initiation of development, promotion of equality, tolerance and peace in the local and global community.


Objectives and Focus

GESR promotes:

1.     Quality research in fields of education

2.     Excellent content based on the best of research tools

3.     Formation of platforms for educationists, researchers, and professionals of other fields to collaborate for quality outcomes of each other research endeavors.

4.     Enhancement of diversity, development and peace through research in education



GESR covers Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education, Learning, Classroom Management, Teacher Education, Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Higher Education, Language Education, Educational Technology, Arts Education, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Policy, Transformative Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Guidance and Counseling, Inclusive Education, International Education but it is not limited to these areas while covering all allied areas of education. Therefore, it welcomes all research articles that cover current issues related to teaching and learning and encourages researchers to study core issues that hinder quality teaching and learning. It supports researchers to develop adequate theories that cater to the needs of the nature of eastern society in general and Pakistani society in specific.



GESR adheres to the highest value in research. It appreciates objectivity in the articles submitted for publication. Instead of assuming the values of objectivity, neutrality, originality, diversity of opinion, contribution to knowledge, the strength of argument, avoidance of fallacies, truth, and honesty as cliche, and GESR has incorporated these values in the process from selection to publication of a research article.